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Shopping from the gone summer 2013!

Autumn is well underway, and I've long wanted but couldn't write a post about my spring-summer purchases. 
And then came the moment when I finally can share with you my new clothes!
Have a nice view!
I look forward to comments and tips!

Осінь вже йде повним ходом, а я давно хотіла, але все ніяк не могла написати статтю про мої весняно-літні покупки. І ось наступив цей момент і я, нарешті,можу поділитись з вами своїми обновками!
 Бажаю приємного перегляду!
Та чекаю на коментарі та поради!

Firstly will show blouses:
- White dotted Precis;
- Lilac with strange flowers Atmosphere;

- Green pleated viscose CHE;
- Striped, alittle transparent & black viscose from the back Atmosphere;

 - Yellow cotton, very gently DenimCo;
- Purple collarless DorothyPerkins;

 - Cute checkered strapless corset PlayBoy with little red bunny;

 - One shoulder with silver geomerty Irina Pan top;

Now I'll show you some of my tops.

- Big butterfly Divideo top;
- Dark purple women face T-shirt;

- Striped New Look T-shirt for the St.Patrick day selebration ))

- Silver mystery tree & just white New Look tank tops;

- Black ruffled floral asymmetrical tank top TopShop;

- Sky-blue knitted jumper LittleWoods;

Next, here goes some Atmosphere cardigans:

Don't forget about skirts! Love them!

- Gray froral Atmosphere;
- Black dense RedChilli;

- Blue pleated floral FunkRock;
- Navy blue Tammy;

- Bright blue tulip skirt Bay;

 - This Atmosphere skirt you saw it on my earlier post;

- Two nonamed pleated maxi skirts;

- Warmy Jane Norman rhomb skirt;

Some bottom wears:

- Sky-blue Quiz Denim shorts;
-Yellow H&M shorts;

- High dark blue dense H&M shorts;

- High waisted TopShop jeans;

 - Springcolored floral jumpsui;

For the last want to show a few dresses:

- Wild flowered cotton v-neck DorothyPerkins;
- Strange flowered transparent two layered Modo;

 - Bright blue two layered Ethel austin;
- Dust green two layered lace Popular;

- Navy blue one shoulder Asos;
- Black with space flowers Red Chilli Pepper;

- Two color layelred dress with wide elastic;
- Black with floral bottom Mela Loves London;

- Brown Graffic retro dress with lots of stars;

- Navy blue Atmosphere dress with floral decoration;

- Floral gray open back cotton Atmosphere;

- Arabic maxi purple with space flowers open back Gefen, bought special for my B-day;
- Turquoise maxi open back Jane Norman;

 Some shoes:

- Fucsia faux leather, blue & red fabric flats;

- Threecolored soft ang gray with satin ribbon New Look heels;

 - Decorated faux leather sandals;
- Faux leather thongs with yellow stripes Fun Joy

- Shiny leopard heels;

 - Faux leather brown New Look booties;

Also, I bought me a cute little braided hat when I was in Evpatoria;

And at last some lovery jewels:

And this Gold Plated Green chinese Jade set for my Bday:

And finally I made a few sets of items purchased

That's all!
I hope that you are exhausted through a lot of shopping ...

That's all!
Thank's for reading!
Have a nice day!

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